The Prince and the Assassin – Double Dragon Books, May 2021
The King of Carentan – Double Dragon Books, November 2020
The Prince of Carentan – Double Dragon Books, Sept 2020

Available at: Amazon / Apple / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Google / Smashwords
Foyles / Waterstones

Short Stories
Brain Dump – Virtual Futures, February 2022
Just a Woman –
When They Came For You, Fiction4All, July 2021
Broken –
Stag Hill Literary Journal, #boundaries, December 2019
Shooting Stars – Stag Hill Literary Journal, #femalefutures, June 2019
The Sword of Humanity –
Stag Hill Literary Journal, #trust,  May 2019
Habitat – Stag Hill Literary Journal, #unknownfutures, June 2018
At Goodge Street – STORGY Magazine, January 2018
A Darker Shade of Green – Cemetery Moon, January 2018
The Gone Gods (a novelette of 3 chapters) – Solstice Publishing, April 2017
End of UncertaintyFarther Stars Than These, May 2017
Speak to Me – New Realm, December 2016
Unheard – MIR Online, July 2016
The Watchers –
Electric Spec, May 2016
Getting Ahead – The New Accelerator, September 2015
The Hamadryad –
Calamities Press – April 2015
Burnt Oak
 – MIR Online, – November 2014
Angel – Plots With Guns, September 2014
Man in the Ivory Tower –
 The Wells Street Journal, April 2014
Nothing at Camden Town – The WiFiles, January 2014
The Warren Street Kid
Bewildering Stories, July 2013
The Lost Planet – The Lorelei Signal, April 2013 / Mystic Signals, May 2013
When Grandma Came to Tea – Aurora Wolf, January 2013
A Little More Time
Liquid Imagination, November 2012
Train Rage –
Newham Writers Workshop 25th Anniversary Anthology 2011
Fire and Ice – Legend, Issue 3, 2001
Playground Attraction – Scriptor-3, 2000
Killing Me Softly – Monomyth #11, 1998
Stone Cold – Crossing the Border: 3, OCA, 1997

Awards & Achievements
Unusual Hands – runner up in ‘Seven Secrets of Successful Crime Writing’ competition run by Pan Macmillan and MR Hall 2013
In Space, no one can hear you sing – long listed for the Rubery Short Story Competition 2011
Shacking up with Al – Short listed for the Yellow Room Competition 2010
Sword of Humanity – long listed for the Cinnamon Press Award 2010
Twice awarded ‘Honourable Mention’ in the Library of Avalon Short Story Competition 1999 & 2000

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