About Me

IMG_8567I am a writer of speculative fiction, which crosses the boundaries between Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, with previous publication success in a variety of small press magazines and three novels published by Double Dragon Publishing.

I love to connect with people, enabling discovery of self, life, growth and collaboration. In my day job, I help students attain graduate employment in order to reach their full potential, developing relationships with industry that feed the talent pipeline.

People often ask me if I have an extra day in the week. Well, yes… and no. In fact I like to say that I have learnt how to time travel, which is of course a mighty useful skill. I have also invented a new day in the week, which nestles in a parallel dimension between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, called Franday.

I have recently discovered the delights of indoor climbing, which saves me from the disapproving glances of the general populace when they see a middle-aged woman scrambling up a tree in London’s parklands. I also like to unwind by practising martial arts on unsuspecting but willing opponents, then chill out with a bit of yoga.

Happy Franday!



  1. Hi Tokoni – thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your blog too – ‘Beautiful Insanity’ – what a great title.

  2. semiprowriter

    “Unsuspecting but willing participants” I have to be honest I laughed out loud at when I read that

  3. Very interesting blog you run
    Greetings from Poland for you

  4. Hi, thanks for the follow. I think it’s ok to climb trees and I have to wonder how amusing it is to watch you karate an unsuspecting victim.
    Nice to meet you 😀

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