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I am an author of fantasy fiction for young adults, which is enjoyed by all ages. I live in London, UK and have been writing and creating stories for over thirty years. It was a love of reading fantasy fiction that sparked a desire to write and to share the joy that I have found in authors like Sharon Shinn, Robin McKinley, Megan Whelan Turner and Martha Wells.

My first three novels in the Carentan Series were co-written with my Dad, before he passed away in 2016. I now write under the name of FG Laval, my maiden name. I am married to my lovely husband, Billy, who is also my Karate Sensei. We have two awesome sons who totally rock my world. I have been practising martial arts for as long as I have been writing, which comes in handy for those fight scenes in epic fantasy. Themes of love, loss and coming-of-age reverberate through my books and stories. I hope you enjoy them.

And what else do I do..? Well, I love #cats, #crochet, #coffee and more recently #taichi and #yoga.



  1. Hi Tokoni – thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your blog too – ‘Beautiful Insanity’ – what a great title.


  2. semiprowriter

    “Unsuspecting but willing participants” I have to be honest I laughed out loud at when I read that


  3. Very interesting blog you run
    Greetings from Poland for you


  4. Hi, thanks for the follow. I think it’s ok to climb trees and I have to wonder how amusing it is to watch you karate an unsuspecting victim.
    Nice to meet you πŸ˜€


  5. Hi I think I trained with your husband many years ago in the hall on the flats where he used to live , amazing instructor , never forgotten remember every broken bone and bruise I had , nice to hear he is still training and is happy with you and two sons xx

    Liked by 1 person

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