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Cooking with Poo

Saw this article today that caught my attention, but probably for all the wrong reasons:

“Cooking with Poo wins oddest title book award.”

It is in fact, a healthy recipe book for Thai food.

What I love about this story is that ‘Poo’ is really the author’s nickname and in Thai means ‘crab’. You can imagine how this might play out if you started referring to crab sticks as poo sticks and poo sticks as a river game with crabs, invented by a bear with the same name. Hmmnn…

Curiously enough, when I got home from work today and opened my copy of New Scientist, I found another article about poo. This time it referred to scientists who have been studying fossil poo in order to compare prehistoric microbiome – the bacteria that lines our intestines – with those of modern humans in a bid to find a cure for obesity. Apparently, antibiotics could be responsible for promoting obesity and damaging our immune systems.

Perhaps then, we should all really be cooking with Poo.

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