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Details… details… (and a bit of AI)

The thing I find most interesting about the current debate on artificial intelligence is not how much of a threat it will be to our world but how people react to the potential threat. Most people sit on a spectrum of opinion between those who embrace technology and all its potential (despite misgivings from others) and the naysayers who spout doom and gloom as we all head merrily towards an unknown (but definitely in their minds) dystopian future.

I had cause to try out ChatGPT recently when I was short listing candidates for the day job and I came across one application that read like a perfect imitation of your ideal STAR scenario (situation, task, action, result – ask me later… this is my bread and butter.) So I asked ChatGPT to answer the application question for me and it came up with a nearly identical response. Hmm…

As a careers professional (the day job), I often explain to clients that the factor setting them apart from the crowd in a saturated jobs market lies in the detail. The detail of what you did and how you resolved the issue. Make it count. Make it personal. Suffice it to say that the applications that were successful, were the ones that gave me something no AI would be able to; personal context.

You may have read in recent news, that Clarksworld, one of the leading Sci-fi/Fantasy magazines stopped accepting submissions after receiving over 500 stories from contributors that were AI-generated. It is somewhat of a relief to authors that editors can spot these stories a mile off, albeit a nuisance for editors to contend with until they find an AI that can weed out AI-generated submissions!

Anyway, my point is that AI can replicate human creativity to quite an impressive degree, but perhaps we need to bear in mind that without human input, that intelligence will stall and creativity without input is about as interesting as television in a power cut. It is also worth remembering that the naysayers have popped up with dystopian predictions at every industrial revolution in history (beware Luddites). After all, they said the same about photography and then computer-aided design, but we still need and have the most wonderful artists amongst us.

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