“This triptych (The Gone Gods) following three members of a family – Dan, Anya and their daughter Eva – artfully explores lost love and the extents we can be pushed to in order to restore it. In these vividly descriptive tales, ancient myth and the urban middle classes of London are drawn into each other’s worlds in their drive to fill the void of absence. I was particularly taken with the struggle of self-doubt endured by Anya. It seems she has both won and lost and the story really communicates the loneliness of such a predicament. I thoroughly enjoyed the Gone Gods – I was compelled to read it through to the end once I’d started. Highly recommended!” Caitriona Fitzsimons

The Gone Gods has a subtle ending to it and somehow wraps the storyline together leaving the reader with an ‘ah’ feeling. I particularly enjoyed Crystal, Anya’s friend. Her personality was intriguing and she had this naughty side of her which made the story fun to read. I found the literature to be strong and due to it being a fantasy story, it contained the lyrical style of writing which made it enjoyable to envision.” Jeyran Main

“I’ve been reading quite a lot of YA fiction of late. There’s something about the pace and the openness that I find rather appealing. The Prince of Carentan did not disappoint. It doesn’t talk down to its younger readers at all, in fact the politics and intrigue within this fantasy world are detailed and complex. It is a coming of age story that should resonate with its target age group. This is a fast and easy read with multiple pay-offs throughout. I was rooting for the young prince and cheering his victories, and I found it a hard book to put down. The story is complete but still nicely poised for further episodes, and I look forward to reading them.” Mike Wood (via Amazon)

“More original and rewarding is Frances Gow’s ‘Fire & Ice’, an upbeat story of love and hate among the elements, one that restrains itself when less skilled writers might go over the top and has the sense not to outstay its welcome.” Peter Tennant, The Fix, Issue 2

“Out of the 15 stories my favourite is ‘Killing Me Softly..’ Frances Gow, a simple story but I liked it.” Ian Redman, Mirage – Issue 6


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