About Me

IMG_8567I am a writer of speculative fiction, which crosses the boundaries between Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, with previous publication success in a variety of small press magazines and three novels published by Double Dragon Publishing.

I love to connect with people, enabling discovery of self, life, growth and collaboration. In my day job, I help students attain graduate employment in order to reach their full potential, developing relationships with industry that feed the talent pipeline.

People often ask me if I have an extra day in the week. Well, yes… and no. In fact I like to say that I have learnt how to time travel, which is of course a mighty useful skill. I have also invented a new day in the week, which nestles in a parallel dimension between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, called Franday.

You may well be asking… so who is the DC to your FG? Derek Clive is my wonderful father, who passed away in 2016 and co-wrote the Carentan Series. We had such fun putting together these stories and I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading them as we did writing them. More info about the series; background, history and author biographies on www.carentan.co.uk

And what else do I do..? Well, I love #cats, #crochet, #coffee and more recently #taichi and #yoga.

Happy Franday!



  1. Hi Tokoni – thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your blog too – ‘Beautiful Insanity’ – what a great title.

  2. semiprowriter

    “Unsuspecting but willing participants” I have to be honest I laughed out loud at when I read that

  3. Very interesting blog you run
    Greetings from Poland for you

  4. Hi, thanks for the follow. I think it’s ok to climb trees and I have to wonder how amusing it is to watch you karate an unsuspecting victim.
    Nice to meet you 😀

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