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Camden Market

Steampunk Muse

Stables Market, Camden The place to find Victorian influence and hunt out Steampunk fashion, has to be Camden Market. The Stables Market, part of the larger market, houses an eclectic mix of vintage clothing and paraphernalia. It dates back to 1854 and is a labyrinth of tunnels, workshops and warehouses interspersed with walkways, ramps and cobbled alleyways.


The Horse Tunnels are a maze of disused railway tunnels, sometimes known as the Camden Catacombs, once used to haul trains up from Euston. You have to hunt around for the Stables and you can find them from a few different points of entrance leading from the main market, almost as though it is the hidden secret of Camden Market. The day I visited, it was awash with tourists.

I was on a mission. Not interested in the free bang bang chicken, or the middle eastern carpet stalls wafting incense under my nose, or the vintage…

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Walk in the Park by Frances Gow

A horror poem…

The London Postcard


In autumn drizzle under skies of mauve,
the neglected street lamps flickered.

The air tasted of iron filings and wet
damp leaves from denuded trees.

Destination to the Manor Park east,
nestled twixt the noxious traffic street

and the Council’s finest terraced menace,
to Itchycoo Park, that’s where I’ve been.

Past the hidey holes of urban moles,
deep in the dark of shameful pasts,

I stay for a while under dreamin’ spires
to rest my eyes in shades of green

black, purple and blue, hard to tell
in this light. Then I heard the crack.

Like the sky being zipped right open,
a bolt of lumos deposited quicksilver

Scuttlers right in front of my path.
Now I feel inclined to blow my mind.

What did I do there? I shied, I cried, I tried
to hide but the moles wouldn’t let me play.

What did I feel there?

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Festival of Writing

Newham Writers are celebrating 25 years with a Festival of Writing on Saturday 21st May in Stratford, East London. They are publishing one of my stories, Train Rage, in the celebratory anthology which is being launched on the day.

Thank you NWW – I’ll see you there!

Welcome to the personal writing blog of Frances Gow.

I am a writer of SF and Fantasy fiction, though the boundaries between are often blurred and sometimes mashed up with other stuff. Check back regularly to find out more about me and read some sample stories. Enjoy!

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