Twenty Jobs for Writers


Of course, any job is a good job for a writer. We like to think we would be happy in isolation, chipping away at our work in progress, but actually any job that brings us into contact with people provides a rich source of inspiration and character ideas. Nevertheless, writers are wordsmiths and happiest when engaged in the written word, so here are twenty jobs for writers that make use of our skill.

A copywriter writes advertising and product descriptions (known collectively as copy) for print and online catalogues, commercial scripts, brochures, direct mail. Can be freelance or working for an agency. 

With the rise of content marketing, an increasing number of companies are paying freelancers to write articles for their blogs. A combination of one-off articles or series of articles – useful to have a specialism. Be prepared to chase work.

A reviewer writes an evaluation of the quality of something eg. books, films, food, art, music, theatre. Can be quite lucrative, often work as freelancers.

Editorial Assistant
An editorial assistant provides administrative support for editors, associate editors and writing/editorial staff. They often perform scheduling, filing, note taking, and other administrative duties. They may or may not perform writing and editing tasks.

Ghost writer
A Ghost writer is employed to write on behalf of someone else, giving authorship credit to that person. Often employed by famous or wealthy people who have the expertise in a subject but not the skill or experience to write their book.

PR Assistant/writer
A public relations (PR) assistant/writer creates materials for media and online use that establish and promote a business or other entities’ image and relationship with the public. 

A journalist researches, writes, edits, and presents news or feature articles for the Internet, magazines, radio, television and newspapers. May be a permanent employee of a publication or media outlet or may be working freelance. 

Business Writer
Works with organisations to consolidate a consistent brand language, using writing to help them to stand out from their competitors, improve customer relations and shape their culture. May work in-house as part of the communications team or as a freelancer. 

A scriptwriter writes copy/dialogue to be used by a presenter, performer or director in a TV or radio programme, film or theatre. 

Writes presentations, lectures and speeches for other people. Often employed by senior level executives, politicians and officials in government or the private sector. Freelancers often write for weddings and other social occasions. 

A Translator re-writes material from a foreign language, usually into their mother-tongue. Requires strong writing skills and exceptional knowledge (either bilingual or degree level) of additional language.

Video Games writer
Works closely with video game designers/programmers to writes scripts for video games. Useful to have knowledge of coding and video game design. 

Web content writer
Writes the information that appears on a company’s website. They work closely with project teams, editors, developers and designers to coordinate the site content and make sure it caters to the needs of the target audience. 

Proof reader
A proof reader provides a quality check on publications, usually immediately before they are issued or go to print. Can be in-house or freelance. 

Copy editor
Copy editors prepare pieces of text for publication by checking the author’s manuscript (or ‘copy’). They often work on books, but may also edit articles for journals and text for brochures, instruction manuals and online publications. 

Technical author
As a technical author, or technical communicator, you would use your specialist knowledge to prepare documents and guides that can be easily understood by users of products and systems.

Creative writer
As a writer or author you would produce a variety of types of creative work, including novels, children’s books, poetry, plays, scripts and travel writing. Usually work on a self-employed/freelance basis.

Grant writer
A grant writer researches and responds to grant opportunities for an organization, often a non-profit one. Grant proposals must often adhere to strict rules spelled out by the organisation providing the grant.

Literary editor
An editor in a newspaper or magazine/publication, who deals with aspects concerned with books and literature, particularly reviews. Might also involve editing books themselves and/or proofreading, copy editing and literary criticism.

Literary Agent/Assistant
A literary agent represents an author in their dealings with publishers. It is their job to get a manuscript read and sought after by the right people. Their assistants often act as manuscript reader for the agent.

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