The real cause of obesity?

Ah. I take it all back. Antibiotics may be part responsible for the obesity crisis, but the real culprit is the food industry. It all started in the seventies with large scale production of corn in the US. Shocking revelation in the Guardian this week goes on to say that the surplus of corn was then made into fructose corn syrup that has leached into just about everything we eat. The soft drinks industry also cottoned on to the fact that this icky sweet substance makes the drinks taste better and bam! There you go.

It began as a political ruse then turned into a multi-billion pound industry. And don’t be fooled, dear readers, with the ‘low-fat’ labelling on your favourite products. They are merely replacing all that lovely fat with lots of lovely sugar. Apart from causing heart disease and liver toxicity, the real sting in the tail is the way that sugar affects the brain. There is a hormone called leptin, which tells the body when you are full. A high intake of sugar causes this hormone to stop working, so your body doesn’t know when to stop eating. Great for the food industry which is raking in billions from the public on a no-win cycle of hedonistic pleasure, eating products that make you want to eat more. Once the sugar has finished you off, you’ll just be handed over to the massive diet industry, which continues to fuel the use of sugar in low-fat products.

To compound it all, guess who is the main source of funding for scientists researching the causes of obesity? Yup, you got it – the food industry!

But there are some shining lights in the sea of sugar sickness; Mayor Bloomberg is planning to reduce super-sizing of soft drinks and an executive of Coca-Cola has spoken publicly about the need to move to the focus to healthy products. Could it be too little too late? According to the article below; eventually, the cost of obesity to the NHS will be higher than the money raked in by the UK sweet and snacks market. Food for thought? I’ll let you work that one out.


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  1. Well said. I agree one hundred percent. Obesity caused by gluttony (rather than some metabolic disorder that someone can’t help) makes me mad – especially considering the poverty and starvation in the Third World. The food industry should be telling everyone that packaged junk food is so much more costly to buy than the basic wholesome ingredients for home-cooking, but of course it won’t as it’s greedy for profit, profit, and more profit. Such short-term thinking.

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